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We are a fast growing online network, a self serve platform, focused on entertainment services 

Privately funded by mobile veterans with over a decade of experience connecting consumers with brands, we provide full service media execution for brands, agencies and direct marketers driving performance objectives. The company provides professional marketing services in multiple countries and languages to create a tailor made solution to our clients.

Reaching Far Together

Through collaborative teamwork we create market-breaking innovation that reaches billions of users, around the world, changing the Advertising and Monetization game.


We operate in a Growth mindset. We see marketing as a corner-stone for a good, healthy development of any organization and thus invest substantial resources into ensuring that the team we develop, internally, has the mindset, dedication and know-how to march us ahead, setting us at the very front of this ever-changing industry, while maintaining the personal and professional touch we have been priding ourselves with, since establishing the company.



We do not just value differences, we seek them out and invite them in. We bring together people from across the globe and different walks of life—then support them, making sure that we make the most out each team member’s expertise, while embracing the cultural differences and the benefits they bring with them.


With offices in Tel Aviv, Bucharest and India, our team is diverse in culture, age and digital expertise, allowing us to develop a culturally-sensitive, market-knowlegable, tech-expert and cross-generational, dynamic solution that addresses the ever-changing conditions of the digital world.


Rewarding Those Who Reach High

We believe that each employee is a leader and thus we invest heavy resources into employees’ personal development. From online courses, to relevant classes, brainstorm expert sessions and conference participation, we provide the team with the resources and tools to keep up and ahead, in their perspective field.


Dedication never goes unnoticed. We believe in rewarding those who work hard, think out-of-the-box and push to excel and make it a point to compensate those that help us continue leading the way.


Want to join us? We got a number of open positions, around the globe. check them Here!

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