Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking - Step by step

Server to server (S2S) conversion tracking does not use cookies, but the information is stored on server-side. You do not have to place any code on your website or landing page, but you do need to use a tracker or send traffic to a merchant that is capable of handling the information and transmitting conversions back via postback URLs once there is a conversion.

Simplified, this means that we send a unique ID (click ID) with every hit delivered to your campaign, which is then stored server side by the tracker or merchant you are sending traffic to. Once a conversion is generated, this ID (click ID) is passed back to us from the tracker or merchant via the postback URL.

Since the ID is unique to every visitor, we can store all the essential information about that particular visitor with the use of just one metric. We know the country, browser, operating system, carrier, at what time and date they were sent, and much more about the visitor, based on their click ID alone. So, in theory, the click ID parameter is the only parameter you need to use when buying traffic, as long as you have S2S conversion tracking set up.


We have collected a few examples to make things easier for our advertisers, please follow the screenshots below:

Voluum Tracker - S2S integration

AdsBridge Tracker - S2S integration

Bemob Tracker - S2S integration

Binom Tracker - S2S integration

FunnelFlux Tracker - S2S integration

Imobitrax Tracker - S2S integration

Keitaro Tracker - S2S integration