Pop-under Ads


Pop-under ads

A type of window that appears behind the browser window of a web site that a user has visited. in contrast to a pop-up ad, which appears over (on top of) the browser window, a pop-under is less obtrusive as it hides behind other windows. Pop-unders are used extensively in advertising. the Pop-under will appear only after other windows have been closed.


The pop-unders works very good on certain verticals and is highly recommended to all the advertisers.

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Top Verticals for Pops









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Brand Awareness

Why to use Pop-under ads?

  1. Effecting in grabbing users attention
  2. It’s impossible to users to ignore the ads
  3. You can increase your website traffic
  4. Pop-under format is usually very cheap comparing to all the other ad formats

Set up requirements:

  1. Set up the required user audience
  2. Final destination URL

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Tips for pops campaigns

  1. Make sure you implement Server to Server tracking for optimal results.
  2.  Separate campaigns per each GEO/Vertical.
  3. Whitelist converting publishers and create a separate campaign for them.
  4. Make sure to block non-converting publishers and get full control on your daily spend.
  5. Always consult with our team, we are here to help you reaching your targets.