Push Notification

Non stop converting traffic

Push Notifications are small message windows that appear on a user’s screen, independent of site-browsing, as they are associated with web/mobile browsers and apps. 
Push services are based on information-preferences expressed by the user in advance (opt-in), hence they are safe and trusted by users and receive much higher CTR rates.
We offer Push ads on a CPC basis, guaranteeing payment only for truly interested users. 

Why to use Push Notification?

1. 100% high quality traffic

2. High CTR because users needs to opt-in to this service

3. This traffic is available on CPC or CPM basis 

4. Reach users instantly with expert notification deliverability across devices, locations, and at scale.

5. Advanced reporting system.


Set up requirements:

1. Title: 32 Characters 

2. Description: 50 Characters 

3. Image: 

  • Sizes For desktop:  728X90,  468X60, 300X250, 200X200, 250X250, 160X600, 120X600 
  • Sizes For mobile:    300X250, 300X50, 305X99, 300X100
4. Destination URL